DevOps & Quality Automation

The main focus of a DevOps can lessen the entire delivery pipeline, including improved deployment frequency which leads to faster time-to-market, lower failure rate of new releases and faster mean time to recover - in the event of a new release. Using DevOps can make simple processes increasingly more programmable and efficient which in turn increases predictability, efficiency, safety and maintenance of operational processes.

Kaalpanik, Provides end to end DevOps solutions to industries to enhance the delivery process, automated deployment and to increase the productivity of the enterprise. We help in managing DevOps as a service for Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. Our DevOps solutions for infrastructure automation, database automation deployments are very popular.

Some of our DevOps services are listed below:
  • DevOps Managed Services
  • DevOps Automation Services
  • DevOps Cloud Services
  • DevOps Advisory Services
DevOps solutions provider:

Our DevOps solutions and service includes DevOps assessment, Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment, continuous testing. Our strategy helps many organizations to have get ready technology capability for DevOps tools, Implementation and migration.

DevOps Monitoring Solutions:-

Our DevOps Monitoring solutions enables the vision of Microservices applications and Continuous Delivery Pipeline which are powered by Log analytics and Mining with the help of very deep learning process and AI.

Continuous Delivery Solutions:-

Kaalpanik, is a leading DevOps solution provider, helping many enterprises by providing end to end infrastructure automation, Continuous Integration and deployment with automated testing and building process.

DevOps combining with Big Data and Data Science:-

We also provide DevOps Solutions for continuous delivery of Big Data analytics and Data Science with the help of Deep Learning and Machine Learning Techniques.

DevOps in Infrastructure Deployment:-

By taking over all your server management and maintenance, Our DevOps solutions help in running your business more smoothly. Ensuring better performance and making your business capable of saving cost more efficiently. This will enable to better focus on the core business operations.

DevOps in server maintenance:-

Our efficient DevOps server maintenance helps in monitoring and doing the periodic maintenance of the servers and various networks as well as applications. Our DevOps solutions also maintain standard security so that there won’t be any issue. We monitor and maintain all the required servers of your business.

Continuous Integration and Deployment Tools
  • Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks
  • Automated Security Alerts
  • Proper Infrastructure Security
  • Easy Code Management and Code Reviews
  • Single Click Deployments
  • Deploy On-Premises, Public or Hybrid Cloud
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • DevOps on AWS